Free Stuff all Year Round

So I'm a huge fan of freebies. I mean...can you really go wrong if someone is giving you free stuff with no strings attached? I think not. In catching up on emails and watching the stocks rise and fall (it doesn't take much to amuse me) I came across this lovely article on Yahoo! Finance which talks about ways you can get free stuff in the mail all year long. Here's a few of the freebies that I found quite useful as an 18-25 year old.

Kids Eat Free

Okay, I realize that not all of you have children, but if you're under 25 and have a kid, finding places to eat out that will feed your kids at no charge is a definite plus! Believe it or not, there's a pretty long list of restaurants that offer free kids nights. As long as they are accompanied by an adult and they are eating as well, your kid gets free grub! Can't complain there. Kids can eat free at various places. Here's a list of 50 or so that show which restaurants offer free dining on each day.

Free E-Books

I'm not a Kindle user and don't read E-Books, but I discovered that there are sites that allow you to borrow books rather than buying them, and many of the books can be downloaded for free. Many local libraries also have this feature where you can take out E-Books for free. Amazon's Kindle website has a section where you can download classic books for free. Ever wanted to read Pride and Prejudice or War and Peace? Now you can for free on your E-Book!

Free Chocolate

Let it be known that the second I saw this offer, I signed up for it immediately. How can you pass up free chocolate? Godiva Chocolate has a section of their site where you can sign up for free monthly chocolate samples in the mail. Of course, they would like you to buy more chocolate as time goes on, but there is no catch. Simply sign up and get free chocolate.

You can find a whole list of free things that you can get year round here. You can also check out my friend's website, dealpeddler. It's constantly updated for some of the best freebies around!

What free samples would you like to get in the mail?

Seth P.