Fresh & Fit Friday (Train Your Chickens!)

Affording Fun This Fall Series

Fall is finally here and the weather is beautiful! What better way to spend crisp, cool fall days than to get out and train your chickens?! Well, maybe it's not number one on your to-do list, but it makes an entertaining activity for those moments of boredom! Check out the video to see how my chicken training session went! Be sure to like and subscribe for more Young & Free videos! Enjoy!  

P.s. There Are Actual Benefits of Owning Chickens

Fresh eggs are DELICIOUS! 

You can monitor what your hen is consuming, instead of wondering....

They are friendly, and pets help to reduce stress! 

Reuse their waste as fertilizer (if you are up for that!)

Depending on how many eggs you normally buy, you may be able to save money.

*Before buying hens, be sure that they are allowed in your area, and that you can provide them with proper care!! 

Have Fun!