Fresh & Fit Friday (Apple Picking!)

Afford Fun This Fall:  Go Apple Picking!

In Maine, the fall season is a time to look forward to! The weather is cool and crisp, the leaves change to vibrant orange, yellow and red colors, and there are many fun and affordable fall activities! Have you thought of how you will afford fun this fall?! Apple picking is one suggestion that is great for getting outside, enjoying fresh fruit, and having fun with your friends! 

Fun Apple Facts!!!

It takes 36 apples to make 1 gallon of cider!

Apples have no Saturated Fat and Cholesterol, and are low in Sodium. They are a good source of Dietary Fiber and Vitamin C!! (The bad part is that most of the calories come from sugars.)

Eat the peel in order to obtain maximum health benefits! 

It takes the energy of 50 leaves to produce one apple!

Apple trees can take 4 - 5 years to produce fruit.

You can find the nearest orchard to you by visiting the orchard map:

Enjoy Your Apples!