Fresh & Fit Friday: Credit Unions and Community Working Together to Revitalize Millinocket Park

Taking Action For A Brighter Community 

Amy Collinsworth, from Brewer Federal Credit Union, decided it was time to take action to reconstruct the Hillcrest Playground in the town of Millinocket. 

The playground was once a place of fond childhood memories for children of the community, but has since become an "eye sore." 

 Park Today

Park Today

When high school students expressed their desire to restore the park, Amy didn't hesitate. Her persistence and dedication to the park's restoration has brought in over $1,000 in funds so far. 

 Vision for Phase 1

Vision for Phase 1

Amy's goal for the project is to bring hope and positivity to the region. Transforming the park will bring change and will inspire citizens. The park will be a place where new and lasting memories will be created. 

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Taking on community projects and being a part of community development is what credit unions are all about! Join in the effort to help your community, donate and read more. 

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