Fresh & Fit Friday: Credit Unions Support Young Professionals!


When I came on board with credit unions as the Spokester in 2014, I knew there would be opportunities to meet people, to learn, and to grow as a professional. What I didn't know, was just how many opportunities exist within the credit union industry. 

As I've learned more about credit unions throughout my Spokester term, I have learned that credit unions care about their future - the young professionals! 

I learned that not only do credit unions offer their members great deals, they also extend the greatness to their employees! The Maine Credit Union League recently launched the Young Professionals' Network (YPN), for people between 21 and 40 years old within the credit union world. Last night, young professionals from as far north as Caribou met up for a networking event at the Seadog in Bangor. 

The YPN focuses on providing career development opportunities, networking and education. This initiative aims to give a voice to the future leaders of the credit union movement. If you are looking for a bright future, with opportunities to learn and develop your professional portfolio, look no further than your local credit union! 

Happy Friday!