Fresh & Fit Friday: DIY Project!

How to make charming home decor on a budget! 

I have a friend who has clearly mastered the art of decorating. Every time I visit, I get a tad jealous of her ability to turn her mediocre apartment into an upscale living space. She has it down:  everything from the matching color schemes, to the wall decor, to the pillows on the couch. It all comes together to create a unique and vibrant living space, and I wonder to myself why my apartment doesn't look the same.  

Maybe it's because every time I go to Target or TJ Maxx in search of fabulous decorative items, I cringe at the price tags and leave the store empty-handed. I would rather have some cash in my pocket than a wall full of frames or a couch full of fluffy (and, let's be honest, pointless) pillows.

However, I was recently overtaken by creative inspiration to try out making my own decorations. Pinterest is full of creative DIY projects, so I thought, "why not?" The plus turned out to be MUCH cheaper than buying decorations from the store and I had fun while doing it! 

Creative project idea:

I tackled a nautical theme for my decorations. I found a wooden lighthouse/photo frame and a wooden oar/coat hanger at A.C. Moore craft store. I thought these would be great for adding something extra to a room, at a low cost!

Things you will need:

  1. Wood burning tool ($12) or Sharpie
  2. Stencils ($2 - $3)
  3. Paint (.88 cents each)
  4. Paint brush or sponge ($3)
  5. Glue gun w/glue sticks ($3 - $4)
  6. Sea shells (Can be free!)
  7. Wooden photo frame ($5)
  8. Wooden coat hanger ($7)

These materials add up to about $35 to $40, which is cheaper than one $30 frame or coat hanger at the store! Plus, you have invested in a bunch of materials for future projects! 

Getting started:

1. Select your color scheme you will use. I stayed simple with white, black, and blue.

2. Use the stencils to outline a name or phrase on the oar. 

3. Use the wood burning tool to burn in the name or creative phrase! 

4. Paint! A sponge brush works well for the main parts, but a finer brush is best for the details. 

5. Use a hot glue gun to glue on the seashells in a way that is appealing! 

Have fun!