Fresh & Fit Friday: Freeze, Wrap, Soak!

Creative Ways to Reduce Waste! 

Rising food costs force you to use a little more creativity in your day-today cooking and storing. Since no one likes spending more money on groceries than necessary, here are some ways you can turn your kitchen into a waste-less wonderland! 

Freezing fresh herbs:

3 supplies: 

  1. Fresh herbs
  2. Ice cube tray 
  3. Olive oil

Aluminum Wrap: 

Wrapping your celery, broccoli or heads of lettuce will keep them fresh and crisp for weeks! Use aluminum foil to wrap. Store in the fridge. 

Keep Berries Fresh:

Use one part vinegar to ten parts water, soak the berries, and their freshness will last longer! Don't worry about the vinegar, it won't affect the taste! 

Check out some more waste-reducing tips! Stay fresh and have a great weekend!