Fresh & Fit Friday: From the Garden

Do you love eating fresh-picked vegetables from the garden? Success can be easy, if you start small and keep it simple! Gardening can be as cost-efficient as you want it to be. It isn’t necessary to plot out an enormous garden to start off, you can start with a few tomato plants in your backyard, or a couple of heads of lettuce. Make sure that you can keep committed to whatever vegetables you plant. Gardening takes a lot of work, but if you are reasonable with time and effort, you can enjoy fresh vegetables, straight from your backyard.

Keep these things in mind:  

Understand time, space, & commitment

Starting small = Success

Pick easy-to-grow vegetables like tomatoes, radishes, lettuce

Gardening not only tastes great, but fosters a connection with our food and our land. It is easy to forget where our food comes from, but gardening reminds us that we have a responsibility to care for our land. It gives us a relationship with the food that we eat.

Stay tuned for more gardening tips!

Keep living young & free,