Fresh & Fit Friday: Get Motivated in 2015!

Do you have a New Year's Resolution that you are ready to stick to this year? Follow Fresh & Fit EVERY Friday to help you achieve your 2015 fitness and nutrition goals!

There are many worthy reasons to get healthy this year, and helping you save money is one of them! Oftentimes, when it's good for your health, it's good for your wallet.

In addition, many of the same qualities that you need to thrive in fitness also apply to your finances - especially when it comes to endurance-minded money management, like saving for retirement.  That explains why many sports metaphors - like going the distance, or eyes on the prize - are also used to describe financial goals. 

Check out tips on how getting fit can help you - physically AND financially! 

For a list of recommended home workout programs, and to see how working out can be cost-efficient, check out my blog "The Cost Efficient Way to Reach Your 2015 Fitness Goals."