Fresh & Fit Friday: Put More Money In Your Pocket…Now!

I attended a fun financial event (yeah, I know, ‘fun’ and ‘financial’ should never be in the same sentence). But by ‘fun,’ I mean that I learned a lot money-saving strategies (okay, that’s still not ‘fun’). But saving money and being a skilled money-manager lead to better financial security, which lead to an ability to have more fun in the long run (that’s fun)! 

The speaker, Peter Bielagus, knows his financial stuff. In fact, he travels the world talking about it. I mean, he’s been to Greece, Italy, Spain, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, and even on an aircraft carrier at sea over the Indian Ocean. How is that even possible? 

It’s because, like I said, he knows his financial stuff! And he shares some awesome tips to help people our age become better money-managers so that we can have more fun!

I am going to share some of those tips with you. 

Although you can’t get money for ‘free,’ there is a chance that you have some money that you’ve already spent that you can claim. But where? How? Well, there is such a thing as an unclaimed funds office. 

This office collects all unclaimed money from un-cashed checks, abandoned property, unclaimed assets, forgotten deposits, safety deposit boxes, etc. 

Every state has one. And all you need to do, is go  It’s a free website, where you enter your name and unlock the secret as to whether you have any unclaimed funds out there! Tell your friends and family to check their names, too. Peter told a story of one student who had $6,500!! Wow. 

Now, not everyone may have unclaimed or forgotten money, unfortunately. But don’t give up yet, There are other ways you can pocket some extra cash. 

Loyalty clubs. You know, like the “buy 5, get 1 free,” or “frequent flier points,” or “dining points.” However, most of us don’t spend enough money at one company to get much benefit from the rewards points. 

What would be helpful to us? Having one system that includes hundreds of companies, where we can earn rewards. And guess what?! These systems exist! If you haven’t heard…(and I hadn’t heard about this before today), there is a website called It was originally created to help students with expensive college tuition, but, Peter reveals that he uses it for its little known loophole.

Here’s how it works, some big companies (CVS, Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobile, and Staples) agreed to give  rebates back to Upromise members who have an account. How do you join? Open an account…it’s free…and you’ll enter your debit and/or credit card information. This lets the website track your purchases, and when you buy from one of the participating vendors, a small rebate goes to your account. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s yours. 

Now, take action! 

Have a great weekend!