Full Power Rudolph!

I'm a sucker for Christmas specials during this time of year. One of my favorites of recent is Elf with Will Ferrel. How can you not absolutely love that movie? I give that one two thumbs way up. There are a few favorites of mine that I have to watch every single year in order to keep traditions alive. Today, one of my all time favorites will be airing at 8 PM tonight, and that special is none other than Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I have seen the movie more than a dozen times and each year I love it even more. I decided today to share some little known facts and other goodies about the movie that you may not have known! Here are some nifty factoids.

Rudolph was first aired in 1964

Yup, that is correct. This year marks the forty seventh consecutive year that Rudolph and crew have been on the air. It is currently the longest running and highest rated special in history. Go Rudolph!

Rudolph was also a comic book

DC comics, the masterminds behind Superman and Batman also released a series of different comic books each year from 1950 until 1962. They also released another comic in 1972. While there has not been a new Rudolph comic for nearly 40 years, the old versions are quite the collection piece now. If you have a copy, save it! It could be (and probably already is) worth quite a bit someday.

It's HERMEY...

While many people believe that the misfit elf's name is Herbie, it is in fact Hermey the elf.

Rudolph was not filmed in America

Nope! Apparently, the lovable story about our red nosed friend was filmed in Japan. Who knew?


Before the song, "We are Santa's Elves," the conductor speaks and says "Now remember, this is for Santa." If you listen carefully, you can tell that someone else recorded the line. His voice is not the same in this line as it is when he is speaking throughout the rest of the special.

Fun facts right? For a list of some more, check here, here or here. Here's to tonight and watching a great holiday classic!

What is your favorite Holiday special?

Seth P.