Get Financially Fit

You know that working on your physical fitness is important, but have you ever heard the phrase “financial fitness”? Getting your finances into shape is important, too.

Financial fitness is the focus today at Portland High School. It’s the first Fitness Fair I’ve attended as spokester and my first opportunity to see just how valuable this experience is for high school students.

The idea is just like the game of LIFE, only with a much richer educational message behind it. Juniors and seniors are given a make-believe job and income. The students then visit a series of stations where they are faced with common monthly expenses like rent or mortgage, car payments, insurance, loans, groceries and more. The students need to plan their monthly budget without going over their monthly income. It’s called A Money Management Experience and by the end of the event, students come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of keeping a balanced budget.

It’s great that these students get the chance to learn about budgeting and managing income without having to use their real money. It certainly would have helped me a lot when I was in high school. Financial education is so important. I am reminded today just how big the role of spokester is in helping young adults prepare themselves for budgeting and finance.

You can learn more about these Financial Fitness Fairs at the Maine Credit Union League website. There’s also a schedule of the fairs we have planned for the 2012/2013 school year. Is your school on the list?

Did you receive this kind of financial education when you were in high school?

Kylie K.