Get Free Stuff

Free is a beautiful thing. It implies no worries, no hassle and of course, no cost. Finding great freebies is exciting because not only are you getting something useful, fun or unique that you otherwise would have paid for, you also get to brag to your friends about your thrifty ways. However, finding a freebie that you actually need and will put to use can be a challenge. There is plenty of free junk out there and the last thing you need is another piece of clutter on your bookshelf. 

I scoured the web for the best freebies that met all of my criteria for free stuff. With the help of Kiplinger's annual list of Fabulous Freebies, I found my top four favorite freebies that are useful, typically available for a cost, and require little effort to get. Check it out!

Free Wi-Fi

A perfect world would be completely covered in a blanket of free wi-fi. I know that’s not the case, but you can still find free wi-fi in many areas. Search for a list of hotspots across Maine and the country. Using free wi-fi in a café or library, especially on your smartphone, can save you from expensive data charges while you’re travelling. If you’re on the road as frequently as I am, these free hotspots make life so much easier.

Free Texting

There’s a reason why cell phone plans are offering more texting and less talking. Text messaging is becoming the preferred method of communication on mobile phones. However, unlimited texting plans can cost a fortune. I just finished demoing a really great app that’ll allow you to text as much as you want without spending a dime. The app is called textPlus and its available for free on iPhone, iPad, and iPod as well as Android and Windows powered phones. The app assigns you a free phone number and you use this to text any other cell phone or textPlus user. Your textPlus number shows up on your friend’s phone and they can add it to their contacts list just like any other number. This app is great if you don’t have an unlimited texting plan and want to save money.

Free Checking

Free4ME checking got its name for a reason. It’s free! With the Free4ME account you don’t have to worry about monthly fees or a minimum balance. You’ll even score a free iTunes gift card with your account! Read more about the Free4ME account and find a participating credit union near you. 

Free Knowledge

The Apple iTunes U website proudly boasts that you can, “learn anything, anywhere, anytime”. They should add “for free” to that list, because many of the lectures and courses on iTunes U are free. The app is available on iPod, iPhone and iPad. Courses range from creative writing to foreign language and even engineering and computer programming. I’m excited to search the full catalog of courses and continue my education this year. It may be the first September I won’t be heading back to school but that doesn’t mean I have to stop learning.  

Have you found any good freebies lately?

Kylie K.