Get The Car YOU Want! [VIDEO]

What's best for you:  buying or leasing? 

Stepping foot onto the lot of a dealership immediately establishes you as a potential purchaser. As a potential purchaser, you are the target. You are the prey. 

You're minding your business, browsing the vehicles, when from out behind the car parked two spaces over, pops a salesperson! You wonder how he even got there. Was he hiding behind the car, waiting for you to get close enough? "Hello! Interested in driving home in this Kia Soul? I've got a great deal for you! Come on with me, I'll get you the keys so you can test drive it!" He says, over-enthusiastically, barely pausing for a breath, eager to sell you a vehicle, and prohibiting you from saying a word. Two hours later, you're driving home in your new Kia, which you absolutely abhor. You wished you hadn't fallen for the deal, but, I suppose it sounded good. Right? 

This scenario may be over-the-top, but in some cases, it's really not! I went to one dealership, (I won't name which one) and was herded around like a lost puppy. I was told to try this vehicle, and that vehicle, and this one has a great rate, and that I'll never find a better deal. That's when you have to put your foot down! You must become the decider, and you must not allow the dealers to persuade and push their seemingly good deals upon you. Of course, they have in their agenda what the "best deals" are, but you must come up with your own best deal to leave with a vehicle that makes you happy. 

See you all later!