Get Your Vote on!

*Jumps onto Soapbox* Today is a big day across the nation. It's voting day! I want to say that if you are able to, you absolutely should go vote today. One of the lovely joys of being in America is that we are able to vote on issues and be a part of passing or not passing laws and grants, and electing new people into office. Voting takes literally about 5 to 10 minutes when you get to the booth, and you get a super sweet sticker that says, "I Voted." Who wouldn't want one of those? In all seriousness, it's so important that you get out and vote because whether you believe it or not your vote could change history.

Going to vote nationwide has not always been heavily attended. In fact, according to voting turnout has been fluctuated over the years. Throughout the years though, it seems that it is quite difficult to bring voter turnout above sixty percent. In 2004, sixty one percent of the national population came out to vote, which was the most since 1968. Now, I am not here to give you my political bias, or talk to you about how you should vote or what is good or bad for Maine's livelihood. I will however stress the importance of voting. There are many major things that have happened in history that were decided by one vote. Don't believe me? Check these facts out!

In 1850, California was admitted to the union by a margin of one vote. Just think of where this world would be if we didn't have California!

In 1962, the governors of Maine, Rhode Island, and North Dakota were all elected by a margin of one vote per precinct. Yup, Maine got in on the one vote excitement that year.

In 1994, the U.S. House of Representatives enacted a law banning specific classes of assault weapons.  The vote was initially tied but one member changed his vote to approve the ban.


Now, there are some facts that are absolutely false that you will read online about one vote.
has a list of common one vote issues that actually never took place. Regardless of that, it's still very important to make sure that if you have a will and a way, you get out and vote today(hey that rhymed!). Here's a list of a few other historical events that were decided by one vote (disclaimer: Some of them have been proven false by Snopes so double check). Make your state proud, and go change the world we live in. One vote may not seem like much, but it's important that you support your beliefs. GO VOTE! *jumps off Soapbox*

Are you voting today?

Seth P.