Give a gift that gives back to your neighbors

The advent of the holidays is a palpable jubilation, from the intricately decorated homes and streets, to the interior iridescence of shops and stores. Holiday activities reunite families and friends, and bring communities and neighbors closer together. The shared joy of the holidays induces the spirit of giving. 

The holidays are a time to give back to our communities, our neighbors, our friends and our families. Giving back is not about what exorbitant gifts we can pick off of the shelves. Giving back is about helping others, making a difference, and making the world a better place, starting by helping our friends and neighbors. 

If you are looking to give a gift that gives back, here are some ideas:

1. Choose a name from a local giving tree, and buy a present for a child whose family may not be able to afford presents this year. 

2. Support Maine's credit unions' Campaign for Ending Hunger at your local credit union by donating to their fundraisers! They often sell baked goods, candles, decorative items (all great holiday gifts!!), with all proceeds going toward hunger organizations in Maine! 

3. Support local business! Small businesses depend on us to survive, aim to buy a couple of gifts from local businesses and give back to your community by helping them to succeed! 

4. Donations do not have to be monetary. Time and skills can be of great assistance to local charitable organizations, especially around the holidays! Volunteer at a local charitable organization.

For example:  Volunteering at a local food pantry is a worthwhile way to give back. Check out a full list of food pantries in Maine, find one near you! 

Happy giving!!