Give Your Brain a Boost

I don't know why, but I feel like I have smart days and dumb days. There are days where I feel like I am Albert Einstein, and other days when I feel like a big old dope. For some reason, I was thinking about brain function today and ways to increase your brain power. I used to do crosswords all the time, and almost always play a few turns of Scrabble a day on Facebook. I have heard that crosswords and other puzzles help improve your brain power, but what else does? Well, I decided to do some research, and came across this article which talks about 70 ways to increase your brain power. Some of them are pretty easy, and who doesn't want to be a bit smarter? I know I wouldn't mind boosting up my IQ a bit. Here's a few that I just may try in the coming months. Wouldn't hurt, right?

Breath Deeply

Something I tell people to do when they start to get stressed is to take a deep breath and calm down. I never thought it could also make you smarter. It makes sense though! Breathing deeply means that your body is taking in more oxygen than normal. More oxygen means more brain function. Sounds easy enough to me!


Writing a bit each day can help increase your brain function in various ways. Keeping a diary or journal (I don't know the difference) can help you recall things that have happened in the past. It also allows you to become more creative in your everyday life. You would think that by now, myself and the rest of the Young and Free spokesters would be geniuses with the blogging that we do each day!


I was pretty siked to see this one on here. Consuming caffeine before a test has been proven to help people increase their test scores. I drink one cup of coffee a day to help me stay smart...okay that's not really true. I drink it so I don't get mammouth headaches, but it's nice to know that my daily dose of the black water is helping my brain function.

Imaginary Friends

I said goodbye to my imaginary friend, "Mike" years ago, but apparently bouncing ideas off your make believe friends is a good way to improve your brain function. It helps to access information from your subconscious mind and can help you make better decisions (Inception anyone?). And now we know why Mr. Rogers went to the world of Make Believe so often!

Eat Fish

Good news for me! I'm eating sushi tonight, so it will absolutely help me. According to this article, consuming fish can help increase brain power and also suppress feelings of depression. The United States has 24 times the amount of depressions cases than Japan. They correlate one of the reasons is due to the high fish consumption of the Japanese.


I eat Fiber One just about every day for breakfast. I eat the high octane fifty seven percent daily fiber kind. Let me tell you without going into great works really well. Did you know that eating high fiber can also increase your brain function and power? Whether you know it or not, your body sometimes gets a build up of toxins and other unpleasantries inside you that need to be pushed out. This toxic build up can cause something called "brain fog". Eating high fiber pushes these toxins out and can help clear your mind. Don't believe me about toxins in your body? My body has been cleansed by fasting before, and let's just say...holy toxins!

You should seriously check out the entire list of 70 things you can do to increase your brain power. Many of them require little effort, and you could see a change in your brain power in just a short while. DO IT!

What do you do to increase your brain power?

Seth P.