Going to the Chapel and We're Going to get Married

My youngest sister Casie is getting married this Saturday. This week is going to be filled with craziness all around I imagine, and before we know it, Saturday will be here. As a groomsman, I don't really have to worry about much besides making it to the church on time and helping decorate the reception hall, but between Casie and Joey (my soon to be brother in law), they have quite a last week ahead of them. While reading the morning news, I came across this article that I found interesting, and decided to share it with you. The article (right here) was on the Bangor Daily News website, and it laid out a checklist of emergency wedding day items the bride and groom should have the day of the wedding. I decided highlight a few on the list. 

Powder (Gold Bond)

I can tell you right now, without going into great detail, this would be probably on the top of my list. Those who know me, know that my smelly feet have the ability to clean out rooms (too far?). As a bride or groom, being in a tux or wedding dress makes for a sweaty day. Bring some gold bond or other kind of powder with you to ensure you're still smelling fresh at the end of the day. As someone who has been in a tux numerous times, I can tell you, it works wonders.

*Casie and Joe



The day of the wedding, there's going to be a good chance you'll be stressed out. I would be too if I was about to say "I Do" to the one I loved. All eyes are on you, and that will most likely be one of the most important decisions of your life. Stress brings on heartburn, and there's nothing worse than celebrating your special day with a bout of acid reflux. Take it from someone who takes a daily heartburn pill, bring some Tums or Rolaids. Heck, even baking soda works. Just bring something!

Granola Bars

This actually isn't part of the list, but I think it's probably a good idea. I was at a wedding recently and the photos took quite a substantial amount of time. Pack a little snack so you can munch on something after the the photos. I wouldn't eat it during the photo shoot because then you will have granola all through your teeth. Still, rather than waiting a while to eat at the reception, pack something that can at least give a momentary hunger relief. This brings me to my next item.

Floss or Toothpicks

This is also one of my own, but definitely bring something to make sure your teeth are nice and clean throughout the day. We've all had those moments when a little broccoli or something has gotten stuck in our teeth, but can't find anything to get it out. Normally I look for an errant thread on my clothing, but I don't suggest doing that with rental clothing. Instead bring a little bit of floss or a toothpick and stick it in your wallet, clutch, or whatever works. As long as you are prepared for the possible food fiasco in your teeth, you are golden.

This Saturday is going to come quickly, and before we know it, it will be gone and over with. If you're getting married soon, (Lee Taylor of Y&F Alabama is!) check out the list. It can help you make sure that your wedding day goes by without any major mishaps.

Do you have any items to add to the list?

Seth P.