Google has Easter Eggs?

I grew up in the Nintendo era where I lived through using cheat codes and special warp areas to beat games (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, cheat ever). I mean, let's be honest, Who ever beat Contra without having that cheat? How many people go through and beat all of Super Mario 3 without using the whistles? I can tell you right now, it takes hours to go all the way through that game level by level. Cheats and Easter Eggs are fun! When I heard that Google and YouTube have similar "cheats" included in their websites, I had to test them out! Who doesn't like surprises every now and again? Apparently some of these had been around for quite some time, but for me, I am just experiencing these fun little hacks for the first time. Check them out!

Do a Barrel Roll

Google has a great little feature that lets you type in "Do a Barrel Roll" into the search bar, and the screen will actually do a barrel roll. It doesn't really do anything overly exciting, but it's fun to see the screen pull a 360. Check out an example here.

Flight Simulator

I found this one to be very exciting, and I intend on flying around the world later on tonight. If you go into Google Maps, click on tools and type in Flight Simulator, it will take you on a journey flying around the world! All of a sudden you go from your apartment to making your way around the country and globe. Check it out here.

Google Pacman

If you didn't catch this doodle from Google, you missed out! Google made a doodle where you were actually able to play the arcade game, Pacman, on the main page. Missed it? Never fear! You can play the game here forever at Google Pacman.

YouTube Easter Egg

I didn't know about this goody until recently when I was checking for hidden Google cheats. On YouTube, if you are watching a non promoted video and hold the up and left button simultaneously, it will start a game of snake! Yes, that's right. You'll be able to play snake over any YouTube video to help pass the time. I tried it out. It works!

For a list of other fun tricks around the web, click here. Granted, it probably won't improve your searching capabilities, but it's always fun to impress your friends by knowing how to manipulate a website.

What Easter Eggs do you use on YouTube, Facebook or Google?

Seth P.