Is your dorm room inviting identity theft?

This looks like a typical dorm room desk — but is this everyday work station calling for identity theft?

 Apartment desk space

Apartment desk space

The answer is yes.

Mistake #1. You never know who is peering inside your windows. The laptop is placed directly in front of a first-floor window, where anyone walking by can see it. In this position, it is ready to fall into the wrong hands.

Mistake #2. Easy access to personal information. This person has left their cell phone, wallet, credit and debit cards, mail, and external hard drive all in plain sight, where a roommate or guest can see and potentially access personal information. 

Mistake #3. Leaving your personal devices unattended while they are opened and unlocked is never a good idea. Of course, it’s not necessary to lock your laptop each time you need to get up to go to the next room. Just know that when your laptop is opened and unlocked, especially in public places, it is vulnerable to theft.

What can you do?

Invest in a small lock box, where you can safely store all of your personal information! Shut your laptop down at night, and always password protect your laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc. (using different passwords for different accounts and devices). Don’t share any personal information with anyone else, especially over the phone, and be suspicious of emails that look unfamiliar.

Stay safe!