Gym-Free Fitness

Did you know that the average serving of food on a Thanksgiving dinner plate can contain up to 4,000 calories?

Are you doing the math? That’s like eating two or more days worth of food all in one meal. Thanksgiving is only the beginning of a whole season filled with food. Though all these extra calories can impact our health, who really wants to give up all the delicious food that makes the holiday season special? Not me, that’s for sure.

I’m not a nutritionist or a certified personal trainer, and I’m certainly not a doctor, but I know that when Thanksgiving rolls around, I have to do some extra exercise to balance out all the turkey and mashed potatoes I’ll be eating. Even though being on the road to visit family and friends keeps me away from my gym I can still get a good workout at home.

These blogs and sites are some of my favorite resources for picking up fitness routines and health tips. Check them out and see what works for you.

Blonde Pony Tail features workouts for at home and at the gym that are easy to follow. Her running routines are killer! Her stuff is for the exercise enthusiast looking to take their fitness to the next level. I’ve been doing her Lean Legs routine (video above) that she designed for GNC and I love it.


FitSugar and the entire Sugar series of sites provides a plethora of information and knowledge. I love FitSugar because of the many fitness routines and healthy eating tips at my finger tips. This video series on FitSugar showcases eight popular fitness classes in 10 minute videos that you can try at home before investing in a class. Little to no equipment is needed to get a good sweat session in. 

Men’s Fitness

Guys, you can work out at home, too. is a great resource for picking up new ideas to build muscle and improve endurance. This body weight circuit can be done at home in no time so you can get out the door and on with Thanksgiving festivities. 

Nike Training Club App for iPhone

Nike Training Club is my favorite fitness app right now. This app allows you to pick a workout specifically tailored to your fitness goals. Choose one that works for you then follow along with the video. The app times your workout and you can set it to play with the music you have loaded on your device. The best part is that all workouts can be done at home with only minimal equipment required. (Feel free to improvise a medicine ball with a jug of water.)


Right now Nike Training Club is only available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but you can get NPT BOOM, also known as Nike Pro Training, for Android. NPT BOOM is a similar app focused toward male athletes.

You can still enjoy all the delicious foods that Thanksgiving has to offer without sacrificing your long term health and fitness goals. Working out at home is the perfect option for a busy holiday season.

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Kylie K.