Happy Birthday Oreos!

Today the beloved Oreo cookie turn 100 years old. I can't think of a better way to ring in the birthday then by writing about it's amazingly tasty self and celebrating its awesomeness. I mean, let's be honest. There aren't too many people in this world who don't like to eat Oreos. So here we go!

The wonderful way Oreos are made

I was on Business Insider this morning and came across this amazing blog about Oreos. It's a picture by picture look at how the cookies are made. It instantly made me shoot back to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with Mr. McFeeny (or was it McFeely?) and his video tapes of how things are made. Sure, it's not video, but it's still pure awesomeness. Check it out!


I took a look around, and discovered that there are an insane amount of Oreo varieties out there. I can't even count how many, but according to wikipedia (obviously credible...I think), there's a lot! Here's just a few that you may have seen or eaten before:

Regular, Double Stuffed, Mint, Triple Double, Peanut Butter, Fudge Dipped, Golden, Neapolitan, Oreo Wafer Sticks, Birthday Cake Oreos...I'm pretty sure there was even an Oreo cereal for a little while. SO...MUCH...OREO GOODNESS!


So we should all probably celebrate today by eating lots of oreos. Sure, you can dunk them into milk and enjoy them as is, but why not take them and make a super great recipe? Here's a few that I found which make my mouth water:

Oreo Cookies and Cream No Bake Cheesecake

Cookies and Cream Oreo Brownies

Oreo Truffles

So there you have it. Happy Birthday Oreo! Thanks for bringing me many years of happiness...and calories.

What's your favorite way to eat Oreos?

Seth P.