Happy International Credit Union Day

I apologize that today we will not be celebrating Tasty Thursday, but I assure you that it's worth missing one week. You may or may not know that today is International Credit Union Day and what better way to celebrate it then to talk about six reasons credit unions are awesome and why you should join today! Oh...there may be some amazing videos thrown in as well. Remember when I went out to Indiana for a few days in September? Well, you finally get to see what we worked on while we were out there. To sum it up in one word, EPIC!!! Here we go!

Membership is Open to All

Yup, it's true. There is a credit union out there for everyone. Back in the day, you may have had to be part of a company or group, but today, there are many credit unions around Maine that are here to serve YOU and make sure YOU get the help you need. It doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, black, white, fat, skinny or any other adjectives you can think of. Credit unions are for YOU!

Members Call the Shots

Unlike a bank which is run/owned by their shareholders, credit union members are the ones who decide what happens. Each credit union appoints a board of directors, and those that are a part of the board are unpaid. They are volunteers and truly care about how money is handled and what decisions are made. Last time I checked, the people on the board of directors at banks are all paid...very handsomely. Yay for credit unions being run by their members...which leads us to our first installment of videos! Tha Way 2 B, featuring Dex Dunford of YF Alberta, Jenn Cloud of YF St. Louis, and myself


Rates and Fees Should Benefit Members

Did you know that credit unions are not for profit? Do you know what that means? It means that they take any money in excess, and plug it back into the system so their members are able to get lower rates on loans, credit cards, and various other things. Banks take that money and give it to their shareholders. Ouch! Doesn't it feel good to be a member?

We're Just as Accessible as Banks

Wait...what's that you say? The credit union only has a few branches where you are? False! Your credit union has over 4,000 location nationwide if you are part of a CU that offers shared branching, you can go anywhere in the country and do your banking at another shared branching location. Confused yet? Watch my shared branching video from a few weeks ago. It should clear it up! That also leads us to our next video! Like Lady Gaga? Well, check this tasty lick out! It features Kaylie Dame from YF Ontario and Janelle O'Hara from YF Michigan.


Financial Education

Credit unions help you learn about loans, rates, fees, accounts and anything else you may have questions about. They truly care about you, because they are just like you. They are members. It's almost like we are one big happy CU family (awwww). I have experienced this first hand as I go to different financial fitness fairs for high school seniors. Credit unions genuinely care about people. It's refreshing, and it makes me happy to know they aren't gunning for my money.

Credit Unions Give Back to the Community

Credit unions are awesome! Seriously, amazing. Not only do they help you with all these areas of your life, but they also give back to the communities. You can look many different places and see that a credit union has helped out. Don't believe me? Go to a sporting event sometime at a college. Chances are you'll see credit unions sponsoring the team or facility in some way. Did you go to Kah Bang? Yup, one of the sponsors was a credit union. Credit unions care about the surrounding communities. Look around, chances are you have been affected by a credit union today even if you don't know it. This brings us to our third video! Don't Stop Learning, featuring Matt Mills from YF Indiana, Michelle Peterson from YF New Mexico and Lee Taylor from YF Alabama.


So there you have it! A huge thank you to Lee and Matt for editing the videos, and a thank you to all the Young and Free Spokesters for making three rocking videos. I know I've said it before, but I love my credit union. If you aren't a member yet, you should seriously consider it. One of my favorite sayings is, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." I can tell you right now, the credit unions care. You can be assured of that! Happy International Credit Union Day!

How have credit unions helped you?

Seth P.