Happy Patriots Day!

First off, Happy Monday. Today is supposed to be in the 80s from what I hear, so I am taking full advantage of the happiness and tying up some loose ends for my wedding. It's less than two months away! Holy...cow....Something you may not have realized about today, however, is that it is also Patriot's Day! Now, this day is only noticed in two states (Maine and Massachusetts) and most people have no idea what it stands for. So today, we are going to get a lovely little history lesson and also talk about what goes on this Monday. Sooooo here we go!

What is Patriots Day?

Patriot's Day is held on the third Monday of every April to remember the battles of Lexington and Concord. They were two of the earliest battles in America's Revolutionary War. The battle happened near Boston in 1775 and over two hundred years later, we celebrate the occasion.

Who Celebrates the day?

Maine and Massachusetts are the only two states that celebrate Patriot's Day. Often times it falls around the same time as April vacation so it also serves as the first day off for high school students.

What happens on Patriot's Day?

The two biggest events that happen on Patriot's Day are the Boston Marathon and a Red Sox game at 11 AM. Each year the Boston Marathon kicks off on Patriot's Day. The runners trek through 26.2 miles starting in Hopkinton and ending near the John Hancock Building in downtown Boston. Something that I found pretty cool is that they actually track the runners and shoot updates via Twitter. The other fun part of Patriot's Day (besides many people having a day off) is the early afternoon Red Sox game. Most teams start afternoon games by 1, but this day is special. They begin the game at 11 AM and this year, our beloved Sox are playing the Tampa Bay Rays. On a totally unrelated note, I had the chance to go to the game today, but had a dentist appointment this morning as well. I guess we all need to grow up some at some point. There will always be Red Sox games. I may not always have teeth (although I had a clean bill of health today).

As a side note, Patriot's Day is also the reason why Mainers and Massachusetts residents have an extension until April 17th on their taxes. Because the day is a recognized holiday in these states, the tax deadline had to be extended until tomorrow. So if you haven't done them yet, you should plop yourself down and DO IT! Well, happy Patriot's Day! Enjoy the sun!

Only four days left until our 2012 Spokester Search application deadline. Are you planning on applying?!?!?

Seth P.