Happy Tax Day!

If you haven't done your taxes yet...well you had better either requested an extension, or gotten them postmarked in the mail today! If not...well, you may have some problems in a few weeks. Let's hope it all works out for you. Today is not a day of unpleasantness, so we will stick to happiness! Did you know that there are lots of freebies out there for people on tax day? Yup, it's true. Here's a few handouts that are happening today!


Chili's Restaurant is offering a free appetizer or dessert with a purchase of any entree. You have to have the coupon in order to get your free grub, but thankfully, I've linked to it here. BOOM!


Did someone say free curly fries? Yup...I did! Arby's is offering a free order of curly fries! All you have to do is like them on Facebook and they will provide you with a coupon for free spuds. Yum!


Purchase one Big Mac or Quarter Pounder with cheese and get one for only one penny! BOOM! Tasty, yes! Artery clogging? You betcha!

If you're like me and probably don't need any free fast food, you can do other fun things with your tax refund. Here's a few ideas in case you get a nice chunk of change back and want to use it wisely.

Start an Emergency Fund

You never know when unexpected events happen and it may be smart to keep an emergency fund to be safe. It wouldn't hurt, right? Take that tax return and put it aside in case of emergency! If you break your arm, your car breaks down or something else happens, you'll be ready.

Pay Down Debt

Do you have debt? That's a silly question. Of course you do! Well...you probably do. Take that tax return and put it towards your debt instead of spending it on something you want really badly. Unpaid credit card debt, college loans, medical bills could all affect you, so put your money towards paying some of it off.

Maintain your home/car

If you own a house, why not take your money and put it towards a little up keep? Maybe you have a bit of a leaky roof, or maybe your floor tiles need to be replaced. Take the money and put it into something that is worthwhile. You want to live in a clean and sturdy place, right? Put the money into your house! Don't have a house? Put it into your car. Buy a new set of tires, new muffler, windshield...whatever it is that you need. It may be nice to buy a trip to California, but having a reliable car is also important.

What are you using your tax return for this year?

Seth P.