Have a Fun & Safe New Years

How are you planning on ringing in the New Year?!

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As fun, crazy, and wild New Years can be, it's important to remember to be safe! I'm not trying to be your mother and check up on you by any means. Just be safe. 

Don't drink and drive

Plan arrangements for rides before leaving the house. You can expect such a big holiday there will be DUI checkpoints and lots of police on duty. But not only that, drinking and driving causes accidents almost every hour in the United States, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

In 2012 in Maine drunk driving fatalities represented 30% of all total traffic deaths which was a 113% increase from 2011. And there were over 7,000 DUI arrests in 2012. 

So please, please, please plan ahead and be safe. And just be aware of other people on the road as well. 


Happy New Year, 

Lauren R.