Have a Staycation!



noun \ˈstā-ˈkā-shən\ :a vacation spent at home or nearby

Origin : a blend of stay and vacation

First known use: 2005

Stay in Vacationland!

Just in case you needed a reminder, Maine is awesome and we're called the Vacationland for a reason. If you're not looking forward to your spring break because you won't be sipping umbrella drinks from a pool side lounge chair, cheer up! Have a staycation. Just because you're not going anywhere doesn't mean you can't be on vacation. 

  • Ski. Take a day trip to one of the many ski resorts in the Maine and New Hampshire area. Buy lift tickets ahead of time on liftopia.com for great deals and discounts all over New England. 
  • Ice skate. There are many indoor and outdoor rinks all over Maine. Get some friends together and play some hockey if you're not the figure skating type! Find a rink near you here
  • Museums. Did you know the Portland Museum of Art has free admission on Fridays? From 5 to 9 p.m. you can check out their exhibits for free! 
  • Events & Shows. Check out what events and shows are going to be happening in your area during your spring break.
    • If you like monster trucks the Cumberland County Civic Center is having three days of the Monster X Tour from March 14-15th.
    • Maine-based rapper, Spose will perform in Bath at the Riverside Sports Pub March 15 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are available for purchase at Bullmoose locations and at the door. 
    • 94.9 WHOM will be hosting Desert First! March 23 at the Italian Heritage Center in Portland where you can sample sweets from local pastries, chocoliteres, ice cream shops, etc. 

Happy spring break!

Lauren R.