Have Fun for Less

Saving money is important, but when it cuts into your ability to have fun you're less likely to stick with it. I’m all about saving without sacrifice, so here are some ways to save money without giving up all the fun in your life.


Groupon offers great deals on experiences and events all over the state. In the past week Groupon has had paddleboarding adventures, moose safaris, and indoor skydiving experiences, all for half the original price! 

Last weekend I purchased a half-off Groupon for D.E.W. Animal Kingdom and Sanctuary in Mt. Vernon. For $10, my boyfriend and I got to visit with exotic wildlife from around the world and learn about the great work that caretakers Bob and Julie Miner do for the animals there. I even got a big smooch from a camel! It was a truly unique experience, and at $5 per person it was affordable as well.

Cheap Movie Date

I have a confession to make. I’m a candy smuggler. Before I go to the movies I stop at The Dollar Store next door to stock up on all the same movie theater style candies for a fraction of the cost and tuck them deep within my handbag. The candy comes in the same boxes and tastes just as good as the outrageously priced confections offered at the concession stand at the theater, but I only paid a buck a box! I know some movie theaters frown upon this practice, so check with your theater before breaking any rules.

You can knock even more off your movie date tab by seeing a movie before dinnertime. Many movie theaters offer matinee pricing before 5 p.m. so you can see the same movie for less if you opt for a late afternoon showing instead.


Movie rental vending machines are one of my most favorite inventions. Redbox allows me to rent a movie and watch it that night for $1, as long as I return it by 9 p.m. the next day. Additional nights are only one more dollar, so there’s no sweat if you don’t make the due date or just want to watch the movie again.

If you register for a Redbox account online and reserve your movie ahead of time you’ll earn a free one-night rental credit for your next rental. You can also join the Redbox Text Club and receive a free movie rental code via text message once a month.

What’s your favorite way to have fun on the cheap?

Kylie K.