Have you heard about the SURF Network?

Credit unions have hundreds of surcharge-free ATMs in Maine. It’s so easy to find one near you. Using the CU24 SURF ATM Finder app on your smartphone, you can quickly locate an ATM that is part of the SURF network. These ATMs are surcharge-free and some even allow you to make deposits, as well as the usual withdrawals, without paying a fee. Credit union members save anaverage of $300 a year in fees with the help of SURF ATMs.


I often hear from others that they have an account at a big bank because there are “ATMs and branches everywhere”. I’m always thrilled to tell these people that credit unions have more branches than any single bank thanks to shared branching (find a location with the CU Service Center app) and they have the largest network of surcharge-free ATMs. Credit unions not only compete with the big banks, but they exceed in offering more convenient locations and services without the hefty fees.

I’m so glad I got on board with a credit union. If you haven’t joined yet, now is the time! Find the perfect CU for you and start enjoying all the benefits of being a member.

Are you already a member? What do you love about your credit union?

Kylie K.