Healthy Eats

Let’s talk about protein bars


You don’t have to be pump iron every day to eat protein bars. And they are not just reserved for dudes either. Protein is part of a healthy and balanced diet and protein bars are a great way to intake high quality protein in a small amount of time. 

Eating healthy is a challenge when you are faced with always being on the go. But protein bars satisfy hunger longer than a typical snack from the vending machine. They hey have high quality protein, energy boosting carbohydrates, and healthy fats. 

You can obviously buy them, but a cheaper way to consume protein bars is to make your own! I found a food account on Instagram with healthy, easy, and instructional videos (@videomeals). I decided to make a simple chocolate and peanut butter bar:


In a bowl mix:

 3 cups oatmeal, 

1/2 cup peanut butter, 

1 cup almond milk, 

4 scoops protein powder (I used chocolate flavored whey protein)

Spread mixture on a wax paper lined cookie sheet or pan. Melt about 4 oz. of dark chocolate and spread over the mix. Place in fridge for at least 1-2hours. Cut into about 10 pieces.

These will seriously fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied! Bring them to work or on a hike. Also, did I mention it only takes about 10 minutes to whip up this mixture? How easy is that? Enjoy!


Lauren R.