Holiday Decor: Where's the Tree?

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Folks, it's December 18th and I've yet to get a celebratory Christmas tree for the house! Is this a faux pas or the norm? I don't know. Last year I came home from college and found a one of our house plants decked in lights! That was certainly a creative alternative brought to you by my mother!

There may not be much Christmas decor in our house but the spirit is still there! We'll probably get to it this weekend (true procrastination right there). For those of you who may still need to throw up some decorations (like me), I've got some great ways to do holiday decor on the cheap.

Reuses and recycle 

Reuse! Reuse previous holiday decorations. If you keep buying new, you keep throwing away money. At the end of the holidays package up your decorations neatly and in a safe, dry place. This way next year you don't need to go out and spend unnecessary money. 

If you're decorating a new place with no holiday collection of decor, go to the dollar store! I'm serious, the decorations aren't even that tacky!

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Color can go a long way. To make your place a little more festive for the holiday. Stock up on some holiday candy and fill clear bowls, cups, and dishes. It will add a pop of color and provide a treat when you need it! 

Trying to avoid excessive sweets? Fill your fruit bowl with fresh fruits, winter squash, and a few gourds. 


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What about that Christmas Tree Smell without buying a real tree? Real trees are nice, but they can be messy and expensive. Instead, go to a Christmas tree farm (or your back yard) and get some tree scraps. They will fill your home with the smell of Christmas for FREE and help put your in the holiday spirit. 

Creating a fir tree bouquet might be a great alternative to a Christmas tree! Especially if you are in a small space!

So there you have it, fun and simple ways to decorate your homes, dorms, or apartments for the holiday season!


Happy decorating!

Lauren R.