How Do Maine's Credit Unions Help Students Understand Finances?

We hear all about the importance of understanding finances, and becoming better at managing our money. But, understanding finances is complicated, and becoming better at managing money takes years of good habits. How can we expect to be "good at finances" when there really isn't much of a formal program out there?

Maine's credit unions make financial fitness a cinch!

This week alone, I have attended two financial fitness fairs with Maine's credit unions. One financial fitness fair invited high school students from the entire Aroostook county, and the second financial fitness fair invited surrounding schools of the Lewiston area.

The goal of the financial fitness fairs is to get students to experience "real-life" budgeting. Students learn all about good money management as they balance their budgets, and see what they can and can't afford. It soon becomes apparent that a brand new car or high-end home often don't fit in the budget.

Here's a recap video of the Aroostook County Financial Fitness Fair!

More photos of the events!

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