How Does Shared Branching Benefit You?

Shared branching is a service offered only by credit unions. It's probably one of the most important services you should know about!

What is shared branching?

Shared branching is a service that allows you to do regular transactions, like withdrawing or depositing money, in other credit union locations.

For example...

Let's say you live in northern Maine, but this fall, you're moving to college in southern Maine. You're going to be hours away from your home credit union (Credit Union A), but, there's a different credit union (Credit Union B) on the campus of your new college. With shared branching, you can go into Credit Union B, and do all of the same transactions that you would normally do at Credit Union A.

This is an awesome service because (1) it means you don't have to switch credit unions, and (2) it means you can access your money even when your miles away from your home credit union!

How does is work?

To use shared branching, you'll have to go into the branch.

You'll need 3 things:

  1. A valid I.D. (like your driver's license)
  2. Know the last four of your social security number
  3. The name of your credit union and your account number

Where can you use it?

You can use shared branching at credit union branches across the U.S. Just look for the shared branching symbol. Most credit unions offer this service.

Take care!