How Far Can $20 Get You At The Fryeburg Fair?

The famous Fryeburg Fair is in full swing, with this weekend being your last chance to attend this year. I’ve gone to the fair every year for as long as I can remember, with this year being no exception. Maine’s Blue Ribbon Classic, which is the state’s largest and most popular agricultural fair, has become a tradition for many across the state and I wanted to see how budget-friendly it is to Mainers. I went to the 167th Annual Fryeburg Fair with $20 earlier this week to see how far a Jackson could get me.


$20 covered my admission and food, and opened up opportunities for tons of fun inside the gates. Although I didn’t head home with a bunch of materialistic takeaways, I went home having had a fun experience. You can go to the fair with $12, which will cover admission, and still have an incredible time. Consider going with friends and sharing costs for snacks, games and rides! There are an abundance of live events, shows and activities available to you at no extra charge after you are through the gates. Whether it’s live music, harness racing, tractor pulls, flower shows, livestock demonstrations or browsing the exhibit halls, there is more than enough entertainment at the fair. I personally love looking at the photography exhibit. Oh, and the free samples at the Specialty Foods Pavilion? Count me in!


Is the fair worth attending if you are on a budget? You may not walk away with many souvenirs for $20, but you’ll certainly walk away with some great memories and a full belly! It all depends on what is important to you. The experience of a traditional Blue Ribbon Classic is worth it for me. With that said, I’ll be at the fair again this weekend and I hope to see you there!


Take care,