How Far Does $100 Go in Boston?

(Not very far...)

Last weekend, I visited my sister Lindsey in Allston, a neighborhood of Boston. While I was there, we hit the city. One thing I's expensive.

Not only did I find out that the cost of living is much higher, I discovered that $100 does not go a long way in city dining.

On Friday night, we planned to eat out at a place called Top of the Hub. It's described as "upscale American fare, with live jazz & renowned 360-degree views from the top of the Prudential Center." We even had to follow a dress code so we could get in.

As we rode up to the 52nd floor, we talked about what the restaurant would be like. It was fancy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.37.08 PM.png

As we looked at our menus, we saw that it wasn't just fancy; it was high-class and high-priced. Some of the meals were upwards of $35. And that was nothing compared to the wine list. The bottled wine ranged from $95 to $2,000!

Needless to say we didn't order any wine...

We stuck to what we thought might fit in our $100 budget. One drink each, plus two salads. Everything was delicious.

While we ate, Linds told me how upscale dining should go. According to her, since we didn't order "big" meals, we should have at least had an appetizer, or a dessert. Since neither of us were starving, we stuck with the salads and drinks. (I'm not a believer in wasting food for the sake of the 'experience'). But, the waiter probably didn't like us for it.

Nevertheless, we left what I thought was a decent tip. And, we stayed within our $100 budget!

Life in the city

Living in the city has its perks. My sister lives in Allston, about 15 minutes from Boston. She's five minutes from everything that's important:  gym, grocery store, other stores, Starbucks...

She can easily use public transportation. The T stops right outside her apartment building. Uber cars are everywhere, and they pick you up almost instantly. Not to mention, there is so much to do.

Likewise, the city has its downsides. For one, the cost. Lindsey's apartment costs her $1,200 per month. That's not including utilities or parking, which is $175 per month. Second, there is little to no privacy....anywhere. Her window looks into the back porch of the next building (and a creepy playhouse...).

If you are moving to a city for college, or post-college, make sure you do the planning and understand what it will cost you first!

Now, I'd love to hear from you

What have your city experiences been like? Have you ever lived in one? Or visited and found out that things were way more expensive than you planned? Share your stories!!

Take care,