How to Have a Fun Holiday Party!

Does your holiday party need some livening up?? Turn your repetitive gathering into a holiday party to remember!

1.  Start with someone you know who has lots of festive lights. Colorful party or Christmas lights will work perfectly. These lights will help set the mood for the holiday bash!

2.  Music, music, music! Nothing brings you down like a dull playlist. Get your music ready to go before the party. Good music and a good sound system are a MUST. Think upbeat and cheerful! Use Spotify to build a playlist of your favorite holiday songs. If you have musically talented party guests, have them bring an instrument and, perform live! Hopefully that will get everyone into the spirit! 

3.  Make sure you provide your guests with plenty of delicious treats to keep them satisfied! See last week's blog about holiday baking on a budget for some baking ideas!

 Homemade Banana Bread. See Recipe.

Homemade Banana Bread. See Recipe.

4.  Have a list of fun games to play and small prizes to give away! Here are a few game suggestions to keep your guests entertained throughout the party. BONUS:  holiday games can be cheap, easy to prepare, and a sure way to make sure your guests have fun!

  • Holiday Charades:  team up and involve your guests in this hilarious game of acting and guessing! 
  • Card Games:  In a large group, Screw Your Neighbor is a fun way to get everyone playing! 
  • Play fast-paced race games, like Decorate That Christmas Tree! or Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay! 
  • If you have board games that would be fun for a large group, like Apples to Apples or a trivia game, suggest them to your guests, and liven up your holiday gathering!

5.  Prize ideas

  • Incorporate a Yankee Swap to the prizes. Everyone chooses a random prize after winning a game! That way, you don't have to provide all of the prizes, and everyone gets a prize!
  • Prepare small gift baskets with Dollar Store items or some of your delicious treats! 

Keep it fun!