How To Eat Like a King On A Budget [VIDEO]

by:  Young & Free Michigan Spokester, Ebeth

No one wants to go through life eating nothing but Ramen...

Unless you really, really, love Ramen.

But even then, eating Ramen probably isn't the healthiest option. Luckily, you can get pretty creative in your grocery shopping, and still stick to your budget!

For example, you can save money by:

  • Avoiding snack sizes and pre-cut/pre-washed foods
  • Buying frozen or canned items
  • Using coupons from your phone or the store handout
  • Avoiding brand names (who really knows the difference, anyway)

Young & Free Michigan Spokester, Ebeth, gives you tips on how to eat like a king, even if you're trying to stick to a budget.

Other tips on how to shop for food on a budget?

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