How-Tuesday: Take effective naps

You may be a napping enthusiast, who loves getting under a blanket for some shut eye in the middle of the afternoon, or you could be like me, where you'll do anything not to nap. I find myself waking up from naps groggy and not refreshed. Sometimes even dizzy and disoriented. And then there is the problem on not being able to sleep soundly when it's time to go to bed for real. 

As much as I avoid naps, sometimes I just hit a wall and I can't even function. I'll get that feeling where I know if I shut my eyes I'll be out like a light.

But I was doing the whole napping thing wrong. There is a better way to nap. Believe it or not, there is a science behind napping. And it's all about timing. 



To avoid that groggy feeling I mentioned before, try a short power nap or a long 90 minute nap to avoid that feeling. A 30 to 60 minute nap still leave you with that groggy, hungover feeling. So in other words, it's best to either sleep a little before the deep sleeping cycles kick in, or let yourself deeply sleep and go through the REM cycle. The grogginess comes from waking your body up in between cycles. 

And as the info-graphic above notes, long naps are more popular among the teenagers, college students, and people in their 20's. So before you take your next nap, consider these tips on napping more effectively. 

Nap on,

Lauren R.