How-Tuesday: Give an Awesome & Affordable Graduation Gift

Gifts for the college or high school graduate

Whether it's you who is graduating this year or a friend or family member, you probably know someone who is about to step into the next chapter of their life. Now it's time to start thinking of a little something special (and affordable) that you can give them as they embark on their next journey. Here are just a few ideas that you can do yourself, won't break the bank, and are actually useful

First job survival kit

Create your own first job survival kit tailored to the needs and career of the graduate! An insulated lunch bag, water bottle, travel mug, gum, and snacks are all essentials when surviving on the new job! Plus a sturdy notebook, pens, and pencils never go out of style! 




Let me tell you, one can never go wrong with a cash gift! Birthdays, graduations, weddings, you name it! If you want to get creative on how you give away your cash, check out these creative folding techniques. Or try making a money lei for the graduate! This "in case of emergency" frame I found on Pinterest is funny too!

Tool Kit

Maybe the person you know is getting their first apartment away from home, or maybe you're celebrating a high school grad on their way to college. A simple tool kit is always useful! A tape measure, hammer, and screwdriver will never go unused! And quality tools last forever!!! Throw some tools in a tackle box and you've made yourself a tool kit. For the ladies, check out these awesome animal printed tool set

College survival kit 

Fill a laundry basket or any other useful storage container with laundry supplies, snacks, or dorm room necessities. Dorm life necessities may include but are not limited to: laundry detergent, dryer sheets, s small sewing kit, shower sandals, toiletry caddy, tupperware, extension cords, a bathrobe, an extra long iPhone charger, cleaning supplies, daily vitamins, pain reliever, cough drops, etc. 

Hope these gift ideas inspired you! Now I've got some shopping & DIY-ing to do! So many graduations and grad parties to go to this spring and so little time! 

Be well, 

Lauren R.