How-Tuesday: Keep Your Laptop In Pristine Condition

When I landed the job as your Young & Free Maine Spokester, I was provided with a whole lot of awesome equipment that helps me do my job. One being a MacBook Pro from Apple. 

When I got this new computer, I gave my old one to my sister. She doesn't need to run any heavy duty programs, so it's perfect for her. However, the other day I needed to use her laptop to get some old information I still had on there. And man was that thing running slow. 

It was a well oiled machine in it's prime but it's only about four or five years old! Buying a laptop is a big investment, and it's important to get the most bang for your buck!

Therefore, if you are a laptop owner and want a long and happy relationship with your computer, watch the video below for hacks on keeping your laptop running smoothly. 

It might sound hard to use only 30-60% of the memory space in your laptop as suggested in the video, but that can be achieved by using an external hard drive to hold large files, videos, photos, and other information. Videos take up a lot of space so I'm constantly moving files off of my laptop onto my external hard drive every time I complete a new YouTube video

I will also suggest to turn off your laptop occasionally. If I go away for a weekend and leave my laptop behind I make sure to shut it off and give that thing a breather!

Hope this helps!

Lauren R.