How-Tuesday: Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

I'm flying to Nashville today!

That's right, I'm headed to Nashville, Tennessee. It'll be my first time in the city and I can't wait! However, I have to get there first! And that means traveling by plane.

Let's be honest. Flying these days is a pain in the buns. But once you've passed the check-in and security lines, you should have a sense of relief right?

Well, not always. But I found and article on for ways to make your plane ride more enjoyable. Here is what they had to say: 

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 11.43.05 AM.png

Reserve your seat in advance

Take time to book well ahead of your travel date to ensure you get the seat you want. Whether you're in a group or alone, it'll be a better flight when you can choose your own seat. Do you often get up to stretch? The isle seat is definitely for you. Or are you the one you falls asleep the whole way? You'll probably want the window seat so you have something to lean up on while you doze off.  

Dress appropriately

Unless your traveling for business and don't have time to change, always wear comfortable clothes. The key to comfort during a flight is loose garments like sweatpants, track pants, or comfortable jeans, and dressing in layers. Wear a t-shirt with a button up or zip off sweatshirt so you can easily adjust to changing climates, since the temperature does tend to drop while in flight.

Bring your own entertainment

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Don't rely on in-house movies and radio to keep you entertained during your flight. You never know, maybe the movie doesn't work or your headphone jack. So, leave home prepared with your own book, magazine, headphones, mp3 player, tablet, whatever suits your fancy!  

Maximize comfort

Remember that the small the little things on a plane ride can make all the difference. So bring things like chewing gum to help regulate the air pressure and a neck pillow for when you want to snooze. 

Also, things like a small bottle of moisturizer and lip balm are great to travel with since the cabin can get dry. And remember to bring a snack with you! 

Stay positive  

Once the plane takes off have positive thoughts! Don't be nervous about the weird (but probably normal) noises the plane is making. And don't think about all the little things you forgot to do last week, there is nothing you can do about it now. Just look forward to you destination! 


Bon voyage! 

Lauren R.