How-Tuesday: Pack for a Beach Vacation

Alright everyone, listen up. We've got to stop overpacking all the time. Whether it's for a long weekend or two weeks. You don't need to bring your whole wardrobe. Trust me, I'm guilty of overpacking myself, I'm just tired of it!

For guys and gals alike it's important to plan ahead. Research the climate and culture of your vacation destination. Pack versatile and practical clothing for your trip, pick clothes you can mix and match. And don't forget about comfort, especially when it comes to shoes because vacation usually consist of a lot of walking. 

I just finished packing for my own vacation last night! I'm on my way to Key West, Florida. To ensure I did not overpack and yet not go on vacation competently unprepared, I followed the "One Suitcase: Beach Vacation" guide by

Packing a million shoes is not neccary for the beach and packing only bathing suits isn't a good idea either. This packing method might take more time, but it's totally worth it. 

Beach Vacation Checklist.png

Have fun packing for your next vacation!

Lauren R.