How-Tuesday: Save Money on the Slopes!

The tough part of spending a day on the slopes is the cost. We all know skiing and riding is expensive. A lift ticket can easily run you $75 or more depending on if it's a holiday week, weekend, or weekday. Plus the additional costs of of equipment, accommodations, lift tickets, gas to get you there, and food all adds up fast. 

 Snowy day at Attitash Mountain last week

Snowy day at Attitash Mountain last week

Renting is always an option if you don't own your own equipment, however if you're considering getting more serious about the snow, it may be time to start preparing for next season!

Unofrtunely, the winter is not the best time to go out an buy ski and board gear. Pre-season deals are the best value. Like tent sales in the spring and summer.

 It's me on the slopes!

It's me on the slopes!

However, You can check second hand stores or ask your friends if they have any unused equipment lying around. is a great site for gently used items. Friends of mine buy all their gear from and absolutely love that site!

Boots tend to be the most important piece of equipment you can buy. Make sure you look for something that fits you really well. I would also suggests investing some money in a helmet. You need your noggin for the rest of your life, so protecting it should be a top priority.

If you’ve missed these pre-season deals but are in the market to buy some new equipment, the best thing to do is wait it out.  Spring is (sadly) just around the corner already and this is when ski and snowboard shops try to clear out their inventory so they will have room for new product when the fall rolls around. This is a great time to grab some deep discounts on brand new, high quality gear.

Already hitting the slopes?

Many of already have the equipment you need along with a season pass or lift tickets. But if you've already got that covered there are still ways to save on the days you go out:

  • Carpool with friends & family to save on gas
  • Always pack a lunch! Cafeteria food at mountain resorts is pretty blehhhhhh and over priced!
  • Wait to have drinks after leaving the mountain--on the hill the drink prices are nearly tripled 


Have fun, 

Lauren R.