How-Tuesday: Surviving Finals Week

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To survive the dreaded week of finals, you not only have to know your material but you have to know your body. Know when it's time to close the books and go to bed. Know when it's time to refuel and get something to eat. Take the cues your body gives you so you can be prepared, alert, and healthy when you sit down to take those tests.

So while you still have time to prepare for finals, keep these survival tips in mind. 


While sleep is never a top priority during finals week, make it one. If you prioritize and organize yourself you won't have to worry about losing sleep. Sleep gives you a clear fresh mind and all-nighters well those leave you begging for sleep. If you can put in at least 6 hours of sleep each night during finals week your mind will be a lot sharper. 

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Healthy eating 

While it is so much easier to grab pizza on the go or fast food, try healthier options. The idea of preparing a meal doesn't sound appealing but there are places with healthy take out foods. Trade a greasy hamburger for a fresh salad. And when it comes to snacking leave the potato chips behind and turn to fresh fruit, some mixed nuts and veggies. And remember to keep hydrated with plenty of water.


If you have time for a workout during finals week, than by all means do it! If you're too bogged down then use your study breaks to get your blood flowing. Take a walk around campus, get some fresh air or just walk around the library. Get your muscles moving and your blood flowing. If you can fit in a 30 minute work out, it is a great way to clear your mind and regroup.


You might laugh but the last thing anyone wants come finals day is smelly people around them. Do your peers a favor and shower, change your clothes and come to class refreshed. Also, be sure to wash your hands regularly and if you hear some sneezing and coughing, consider finding a new study location. 


Be well, 

Lauren R.