I Jumped on Board With Mobile Banking

So, one of the sweet perks of the Young and Free spokester position is that I have company iPhone that I use to update Facebook and Twitter and do business things on (and sometimes play Angry Birds). My credit union recently unveiled their mobile app, and I have to say, it is probably one of the coolest apps that I have. I decided to highlight some of the sweet features of the app. I am SUPER pumped! Here we go.


I know, I am crazy behind the times on getting a mobile app, but rather than having to go through the CU website and click a bunch of things, I have my account saved on my phone (you have to put in your password each time you use the app. It's secure.) and within a few second, I can transfer funds from my savings to my checking or vice versa. This was especially helpful when I go out to eat and need to look and see if I have enough funds in my checking.

Expense Graphs

I find it highly useful that I can go and look day to day and month to month what I am spending versus what I am bringing in. Thankfully, after checking out my month to month spending and expenses, I am breaking even for the most part. Now, the downside is that I am not saving as much as I'd like to, but I am also not spending more than I am bringing in. As a result, my savings account has remained pretty stable.

Branch Locater

My credit union is a part of shared branching (the service provided by credit unions to do your banking in other locations) and the app actually has a locater built into the program. Whenever I am on the road, all I have to do is type in an address or a zip code and I'll be able to find a shared branching location near me! That is definitely helpful when I'm on the go!

If you have a credit union with a mobile app, I highly recommend you download it! It saves lots of time and is very useful in your every day life.

Do you use mobile banking?

Seth P.