I Wear Your Shirt

I was told about this pretty awesome website from our very own Cheryl Wiens of Currency Advertising. If you haven't heard about iwearyourshirt.com you should probably check it out. I've thought about it through the year, and finally decided to write about it after seeing an article that featured the site on Business Insider. It's a pretty crazy awesome concept, and something that has landed their founder, Jason Sadler, a cool 500k a year.

So what is iwearyourshirt.com? Well...it's pretty much what the site says. There are currently five employees who work for the site (including Deandre Upshaw, a Young & Free Alum!) and their job is to simply wear shirts from various companies. Essentially this site is renting out chest space on the shirt wearers. For each day/week, depending on how much you want to spend, your company's shirt can be worn in high traffic areas. These areas include Florida, California, Texas and New York. Think about it how many times you walk by someone on the street and actually notice what kind of shirt they are wearing. As someone who likes funky shirts and clothes, I enjoy looking at what people wear. For me personally, I like to collect diner shirts from around the country on each road trip I go on. What a cool concept for a money making website!

It may sound like a crazy concept, but it really works. In the first year that Jason Sadler started his business, he made about 70k, and wore shirts from companies like Starbucks, Nissan and Pizza Hut. Today's shirt of the day is from a company called Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods. Seriously, go check out the site. It's awesome!

So the next time you have a business and want to get the word out nationwide, consider hiring iwearyourshirt.com. You may just get some awesome results! Check the full Business Insider article here.

Would you wear a company's shirt if they paid you?

Seth P.