iEntrepreneur: Explore Until You Die

"Eleven years prior to the founding of Explore Until You Die, my aunt was given a life altering diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. When she was given only one year to live, my uncle’s world was turned upside down. I was young when she was diagnosed, but I recall thinking how quickly life could change in the blink of an eye. My uncle gave up his job to take care of her. She lived ten more years because of her determination, his care and their ability to travel.

Their experience and my uncle's determination was my inspiration for this company. Realizing that life is short gives me the courage to follow my dreams and travel. I want the Explore Until You Die logo to represent living every day as if it could be your last. When you wear the logo you become part of a community that lives for adventure and thrives off of exploration, because no one knows what tomorrow will bring." - Mitchell Watson


Mitchell founded Explore Until You Die during his last semester of college. Combining the video skills he learned at school and his passion for traveling, he launched a company that has already grown larger than anything he imagined. It's exciting to see the growing interest in entrepreneurship among young people in Maine.

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