iEntrepreneur: featuring Adam Ouellette

Adam Ouellette, 26, is the owner of Adam's Mobile DJ Services and Sound. After investing in the startup equipment for his business - which included the bare minimum of speakers and Christmas lights - his business launched!

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Business Takeaways: 

1. When Adam was asked if he DJ'ed, he initially thought 'no', but said 'yes.' Starting out in business means saying 'yes.' In order to achieve something great, you have to start, even if you are uncomfortable or uncertain in the beginning. Diving in is a risk, but owning it is worthwhile. 

2. Use what you are given, use your talents. Adam was blessed with the gift of music, and so he pursued it. If you can write down 5 things you do well, 5 things you don't do well, 5 products or services that you might need in order to work more efficiently, you may be on your way to discovering a pattern, and therefore discovering what to pursue as a small business. If you know your passion, and know that you won't settle for anything less, then pursue it.

3. Strive for repeat business, and always remain professional. A big part of being in business is to meet new people, and expand business. (Also known as networking.) Adam described the rule at weddings:  there are at least two people, at every wedding, who he will meet who will want to do business with him down the road. Always be on the lookout for potential customers, and never miss an opportunity to meet new people!

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