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The Peloton Speaks Event

Spose (Ryan), rapper and entrepreneur from Maine, shared his story at the Peloton Speaks event, hosted at Peloton Labs in Portland. Peloton Labs is a co-working space for entrepreneurs, telecommuters, freelancers, etc. and I had the chance to catch up with Liz Trice, the owner! See her Q & A session about how she made her space work, and watch a short clip of Ryan's entrepreneurial journey! 

Q & A with Liz Trice, Owner at Peloton Labs

Q:  Liz, how did you get started in this business, and what is Peloton Labs all about? 

A:  Peloton Labs is a co-working space which means that we offer space to work for people who would otherwise be working from home. We have about 85 members and they’re made up of small business people, new entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, telecommuters, grad students, etc. We have a pretty diverse crowd and our job is to make sure that everyone finds their place, meets who they want to meet, and has a good time.

Q:  Tonight is an example of how Peloton Labs offers networking opportunities, with the Peloton Speaks event. Can you explain what that will entail? 

A:  Sure. Peloton Speaks is a monthly event where entrepreneurs can share their stories. We shape it kind of like a story slam, where we have pizza and beer and a DJ, and then people sit down, and we have 5 minute stories. We usually line up a few people ahead of time and we draw people from the audience. We also encourage audience members to share their stories with each other. 

Q:  What was one of your struggles in getting started? 

A:  Once I took on the responsibility to actually make this place what I wanted it to be, I realized that it wasn't going to happen on its own and I needed to make some big changes. I had started out helping to form this place as a part time employee, where I had the fun of doing it, but I didn't have any responsibility. Once I took on full ownership, there were a bunch of challenges I had to overcome. Everyone gets excited about the idea of a space where people are very collaborative, and talking to each other and helping each other, but the truth is, most of the time, everyone just likes to do their own work. If we all take breaks at different times, [collaboration] never happens. I had a point where I realized that [collaboration] wasn't happening, and it was too quiet, and I didn't even want to do my own work here. I had to go through this reckoning process, realizing, "okay, how do I make it so that I want to do my work here, and how do I live out loud here so that other people see that they can live out loud here, and start creating relationships in a visible way so that we can all have this community space?" 

And, we did it! It's been a great success.

Q:  If you could share one piece of advice with aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be? 

A:  To keep on showing up for the thing that you hope to create even when it's uncomfortable and when it's not working. To keep on showing up, and sit with that uncomfortableness, you're more likely to think about what you can do to fix it than if you go home or if you avoid that discomfort. 

Great advice, from Liz Trice! Make sure to check out Peloton Labs online, or stop in next time you're on Congress Street in Portland! And of course, if you haven't heard music by Spose, check out his awesome work as well! 

Stay inspired!