iEntrepreneur Series: Millennial Podcast

Megan Tan is the creator and host of the podcast, Millennial. She launched the podcast in January 2015, and has been creating monthly episodes ever since. The podcast is Megan's personal narrative about maneuvering your 20s. Her stories are moving, honest, and inspirational. Here is the story behind her startup, and why it was so important to her.

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Millennials and the post-graduation problem

Megan's post-graduation situation is not uncommon for Millennials. In fact, many Millennials graduate from college only to return home to stay above water while they hunt for their first job. Getting an entry-level job is proving to be a challenge. For some, the idea of entrepreneurship is an appealing alternative. Sometimes, it's even the only way to get the career you want.

If you're a Millennial who has gone through a similar situation, if you've had to pave your own way, or if you had to take a job that wasn't ideal, I would love to hear your story!

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